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Institute for Quantum Information and Matter


Caltech’s Institute for Quantum Information and Matter was seeking to redesign their website to better highlight their outreach efforts, events, and diverse community of students, faculty, and associated scientists. They needed a site that not only looked clean and modern, but provided efficient ways for visitors to find information about specific members. I completely reorganized the original site’s content and structure to provide a better user experience, while implementing large, full-width photos across the site. As a result, the site showcases the various exciting research endeavors of this group of scientists, while also providing prospective students, faculty, and funders easy access to the information they need in a clear, comprehensive way.

Weeding Wild Suburbia


I built a Wordpress powered website and blog for a horticulturalist which highlights her photography while integrating it with her writing and outreach efforts. Upon refreshing, the home page features a different one of her photographs, displayed full-bleed for maximum impact. The site is responsive, and includes a sticky navbar and optimized images for enhanced the user experience. I also worked with the client to update her site's identity and branding, and provided her with a custom logo, which is used in the website banner, social media avatars, and elsewhere.

  My sustainable gardening website is now beautiful, compelling and fun. The style is clear and straight forward so that both new and experienced gardeners can follow the progress in my garden or search for the topics they need. EE Web Design understood what we wanted and delivered a great product.  

Caltech Condensed Matter Physics


I designed a mobile-ready website for Caltech's Condensed Matter Physics group. The site is fully responsive and written in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. It is easy to read and navigate, and provides visitors, researchers, and prospective students with the necessary information of what the Condensed Matter researchers at Caltech are doing, and what their program is like.

Elizabeth Eisenstein Artist Portfolio


For my art portfolio, I created a mobile-ready theme that is modern and clean, allowing my photographs to be the primary focal point. Each photo series is presented as either a slideshow, thumbnails with popup modals, or a vertical row of large images, depending on what I thought would best highlight the work. As my work is ever changing and expanding, I chose to make the site a database, implementing PHP in order to easily organize and catalog my body of work on the backend.

  Elizabeth is so easy to work with and everyone should hire her!  

Elizabeth Eisenstein

Graphic Design Portfolio