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Elizabeth Eisenstein portrait

My name is Elizabeth Eisenstein. I am a front-end web developer, designer, artist, and photographer.

I began making websites when I was in middle school, teaching myself crude HTML by cherry-picking tags and snippets of code. I have always enjoyed making things by my own hand, so I continued to plug away at it, and eventually invested in professional training.

As an artist who works rather methodically, I was immediately drawn to the harmony between the logic required in making functional code, and the aesthetics of design which are so necessary in creating a beautiful website. To me, the creative process is just as important as the coding, and I love when I can make websites that reflect that.

When I'm not coding, designing, or photographing, I try to spend as much time as possible outside. I love hiking, travelling, and spending all day at the beach! Occasionally I even document these days on my blog or on my Instagram account, I am also a ceramicist and am currently working on a line of ceramic objects that will soon be available for purchase. You can see some of my ceramic works on my fine art portfolio.